Congratulations to Carbon Lighthouse – 2011 Echoing Green Fellows

We wanted to feature a small milestone in the development of one of our favorite firms in the energy efficiency space.  Carbon Lighthouse, founded by friends of this blog Raphael Rosen and Brenden Millstein, recently won a spot as one of the 2011 Echoing Green Fellows.  They are one of 15 fellows selected from among 38 finalists.  Echoing Green is a non-profit which backs social entrepreneurs developing visionary “solutions to society’s most difficult problems.”  Echoing Green has helped to invest $30 million dollars in seed funding for 500 social entrepreneurs. 

Raphael Rosen and Brenden Millstein

Carbon Lighthouse

The Bold Idea:

Bold Idea: Take on global climate change, at a meaningful scale, by building a one-stop-shop for companies to eliminate their entire carbon footprint.

Organization: Carbon Lighthouse will enable consumers and corporations across the globe to profitably eliminate their carbon footprints. By combining four existing technologies—energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, and carbon allowances into a single financed package, Carbon Lighthouse eliminates the upfront costs, transaction costs, and redundant engineering/contracting currently preventing corporations from profitably eliminating their carbon footprint.

We’d also recommend you check out Carbon Lighthouse’s incredibly informative blog which features articles on wonderful energy efficiency topics like economizers, measurement and verification techniques, and the physics of how a room is heated. 

Congratulations again to Raphael, Brenden, and the entire class of 2011 Echoing Green Fellows!  To view the full list check out:



One Response to Congratulations to Carbon Lighthouse – 2011 Echoing Green Fellows

  1. Brenden says:

    Thank you for the great shout out. We are thrilled and humbled to join the Echoing Green ranks!

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